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The Benefits of Renting Children's Clothes

Why rent children’s clothes, you might ask?

Renting is always in style! Stay current with trends, hard to find looks, and designer brands without breaking the bank. Instead of paying a fortune for the perfect outfit that your child will only wear once for pictures or a special occasion, rent from our boutique and designer collection.

If you’re a photographer or wedding planner, we just made your life easier! One stop shopping for mini-styled sessions, flower girls, and more! If you prefer to purchase, we've got you covered as well!

If you’re still not convinced, here are six reasons why you should rent children’s clothes!

1. Low output cost

You’re definitely familiar with buying children’s clothes. You KNOW how much it costs for quality material. It PAYS to have quality material instead of the itchy, and scratchy outfits that will leave them miserable and tugging at their clothes all the time. When you rent, you pay about a fraction of what it would cost to buy! Weekend Kids’ outfits price ranges around $100 and above, with the majority of our rentals starting at $20+. When you pay only a fraction of what it will cost compared to buying, isn't it so much cheaper?

2. Value for money

How fast do children grow out of their clothes? Too fast! Have you been in the situation where you want to buy a beautiful outfit for your child and think twice because they will outgrow it too quickly? Sounds familiar doesn’t it. We’ve all been there. But now with Weekend Kids rental, you don’t have to anymore! By renting children’s outfits, you can get value for money on the beautiful dress for her birthday that she will probably only manage to use once before outgrowing. If you’re only going to use it once either way, it’s better to pay $30+ for the outfit instead of $100+ for it, isnt’ it?

3. Reduced clutter

The worst part about having children’s clothes has got to be keeping them after! They’re way too small for your child to fit in any longer, yet too expensive to give away! We keep them and store the clothes away for sentimental reasons - and these clothes just keep piling up! With renting, you don’t need to think about what to do with these clothes afterwards or where to store them! Keep your home just the way you like it – only keeping the things that matter most.

4. Convenience

Renting Weekend Kids’ clothes is convenient. Why do we say that? Because delivery, collection, and cleaning of the clothes are all provided for! With a minimal amount for delivery fee, get the best bang for your buck by not having to worry about all these, and still get clothes at affordable prices! What’s more, we deliver one day before your required date, and collect one day after (without rental fee) so you have the entire duration required for your event dates!

5. Flexibility of choice

Throughout the year, your child will have many different occasions to dress up for.

A piano recital. A wedding. A family photoshoot. A birthday party. A winter jacket for an overseas trip. Rather than wearing the same outfit and trying to squeeze in the outfit when (eek!) they’re almost growing out of it, why not take that same amount of money to invest in five separate outfits that they can wear for different occasions throughout the year?

6. Environmentally friendly

With so many companies taking a stand against fast fashion as well as the harmful effects of wastage, do your part to help in sustainability! Did you know that the textile and fashion industry is the second biggest pollutant in the world, right after aircrafts? Stop the cycle of purchasing and giving away, (or worse, throwing) clothes that can get a second life, and rent instead! What’s even better is that Weekend Kids’ has the Loved initiative that you can get in on – to consign your child’s old clothes!

We’re sure you’re thoroughly convinced on the benefits of renting now, so what are you waiting for? Check out our collection on our website and rent for your child’s next special occasion! If you’re still not convinced, fix an appointment for a studio fitting with us to check out our clothes and see for yourself how much quality matters.

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