Sensory Play: Rainbow Rice

Following our previous sensory play post about rainbow ice, this time we decided to try something more challenging, rainbow rice!

We made the point of this activity was to teach the boys about colour, how to share and also about practising scooping and using utensils!

First we sat the boys down to teach them to identify the different colours. Leroy followed along well, reciting each colour as it was poured into the pan. Lucas was very taken by the array of colours and kept saying "wow! wow!"

The boys had to first identify the colours before they could touch the rice. It was tough because they were so interested, it was hard to even keep their hands to themselves because they were so eager to get their hands into the tray!

When finally, finally (!) they were allowed to, it was pure bliss! Lucas took one tentative swipe at the rice, and on seeing how the colours started mixing together, he became very excited and sank both hands into the sand! Leroy followed with ardent fervour.

Our second activity was learning to pour!

Here you can see Leroy doing a perfect example of scooping the rice back into the tray. This trains their ability to hold items properly without spilling it over as well as teaches them how to pour. Very important when they're going to be handling drinking water themselves!

This was particularly important because we only had one cup, so the boys had to learn how to share instead of snatching for the cup. They had to learn how to wait patiently till it was their turn to scoop the rice. It wasn't a smooth job but it did teach them how to wait :)

Our third activity was learning to scoop!

By giving them two spoons, the boys had to learn to scoop up the rice and pour it into the cup that was placed in the middle. It was a challenge because both of them were trying to pour in at the same time. However they successfully managed to scoop mounds of rice into the cup, which was a delight to watch.

Our fourth and final activity was finger drawing!

We had to remove a bit of the rice for this activity as too much rice meant that we were not able to draw patterns in the rice. Both of them were little angels, drawing various patterns and shapes in the rice as we taught them about circles, triangles and squares!

Overall we had loads of fun with this sensory play activity. Who knew that rainbow rice could provide so much fun and learning opportunities?

To recap we had these activities:

1. Colour identification

2. Learning to pour

3. Learning to scoop

4. Drawing shapes and patterns

Hope this blog post has enriched your child's playtime activities and given you some ideas on what to do for your next rainbow rice activity!

Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

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