Although we may not be able to celebrate Halloween on a big scale this year, there's still many activities that we can do at home!

Here's presenting Weekend Kids' Halloween Special: Fun activities for the whole family that you can easily do at home to throw the perfect Halloween party for the family!


It doesn't get easier (or spookier) than this with these simple DIY ghost lollipops!

Simply get any lollipop and wrap it with a tissue paper and tie them together (optional to get orange and black strings). Dot little spooky ghost faces and voila, you're done!

A perfect treat for the kids and also an easy activity to conduct together yourselves, or get it from our special Halloween Sensory Play Kit!


Source: Ladydecluttered on Pinterest

Looking for more sophisticated decoration activities for the kids? Why not try getting them to decorate the house with bats!

Simply print out this template of bats here and use black paper to cut them out! Or get it fuss free from our special Halloween Sensory Play Kit!


Create a trypophobia nightmare with these ping pong eyeballs that are easy to make and scare worthy!

Source: Buzzfeed on Pinterest

Get ping pong balls and stick on some good ol' fashioned eyeballs, cluster them together and you're good to go!

Too busy to get all the preparations? Get it from our Halloween sensory box!


Spice up your drinking cups for the perfect Halloween party!

Colour us some eyes and mouths with a black marker and you're good to go!

Source: Thedecoratedcookie on Pinterest

Spooky and functional for a party - that's our kind of thing!


Not only is it a fun decoration, these 3D ghosts are the perfect sensory play activity for the little ones!

Source: Mombrite on Pinterest

Teach them how to stick cotton balls on cardboard in this fun activity at home that can be upcycled as a decoration afterwards. Our Halloween Sensory Play Kit provides just this so fret not if you don't have the time to make it yourself!


Empty jars lying around? Repurpose them this Halloween as decorations around the house! Get a bandage, tie it around the jar, stick some eyeballs and throw in a candle!

Done! Your scary jars await!


What's a party without food? Here are a few excerpts that are so easy to make for you to reference for your own party food.

Marshmallows in a jar with permanent marker eyes and mouth! What an easy and ingenious idea!

RIP sandwiches are perfect for the occasion. Use jam or salami or anything you prefer, it's up to you! Decorate with alfafa sprouts for true graveyard feels.

Mandarin oranges and tangerines aren't only for Chinese New Year! Utilise these little babies and stick a celery stick to resemble pumpkins and decorate little slices of bananas with chocolate chips for the cutest Halloween food decorations!

Too busy to prepare a sensory play box for the kids? Why don't you try out our Halloween sensory box! Available here for purchase at just $15!

Grab yours now!

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